How to Explore Multiple Passions in One Job

You like to paint and do public relations and plan awesome parties, too. But if you think it’s impossible to combine all your passions into one career, think again. There are many strategies you can employ in order to be, well, gainfully employed doing what you love. Here’s how to combine (almost) all of your passions into one career.

Multiple Interests

Determine what you really love. If you’re like most people, you probably have multiple interests. But it’s crucial to determine what is a hobby and what is something you’d like to do as a career. Maybe your toy train obsession is simply something that you would like to do leisurely on the weekends, but not on a professional basis. So focus on the things that you’d like to earn a living from, and that would bring you joy in a job.

Seek broader job categories. Today, almost all jobs require you to have multiple skills, but not necessarily performing tasks that you love. Once you’ve narrowed down the two or three passions you’d like to turn into profit, start looking for industries that encompass those areas of interest. For example, let’s say that you love photography, writing and design. A career in magazines or even filmmaking can be possible interdisciplinary fields that will allow you to earn a living in a job that you’re truly passionate about.

Find companies that will appreciate your interests. Some companies just want to hire a PR person. Period. They aren’t interested in discovering what your other skills or talents are, unless they relate to the job you were hired for. That’s a shame, since utilizing the skills — and yes, the passions — of its employees is a win/win for companies. Not only is it a surefire way to increase employees’ engagement in their jobs but it also positively benefits a company’s bottom line as well. So as a potential employee, look for companies that can appreciate your diverse background and interests — and are interested in harnessing them to both your and their advantage.

Search for opportunities — or make your own. Sure, you were hired for your previous work experience as a marketing maven. But now that you’ve been with the company for a while, you’re eager to flex your sales skills, too. Show your worth doing the job you were hired for, and then volunteer to participate in additional projects that will allow you to pursue your other passions. Better yet, you can even approach your boss with a pitch for a new project that will let you do what you love to do and be beneficial for the company, too.

Look at the bigger picture. If you look for a job within a company that specifically does one thing or produces one type of product, the chances of you being able to do all the things you love are slim. Instead, look for companies and positions that are not skill specific and not so focused on one single set goal. You can opt instead to look for a job that concentrates more on the overall benefit of the company and its subsequent benefit to society as way to merge your passions into one career.

You never have to sacrifice one passion for another when you’re job hunting. Simply look for an industry and career fields that encompass what you love, and you’ll soon find a job that allows you to pursue all your passions — professionally.


By Jennifer Parris.




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